Devon Area Meeting (DAM) manages the affairs of Quakers in Devon, supports the local meetings, and represents Devon at a national level. Among other things, it considers applications for membership, appoints elders and overseers, and supervises property and other financial matters in the county. A separate page on Devon Area Business will tell you more about that. And Quaker Organisation will tell you a little more about the organisation and practices of Quakers in Britain.

Quaker worship and other activiity is centred primarily on local meetings, of which there are 13 in Devon:



You’re looking for a welcome in Devon, you say?

Well, don’t look all day,

Just find the DAM Quakers,

The movers and shakers,

Together we’ll find the right way.


DAM Quakers aren’t elusive,

They’re never exclusive.

They welcome the bakers

AND candlestick makers.

Don’t ever think DAM is reclusive.


The bakers make buns

And the candlemen, Light,

And that’s how DAM meetings are run.

Our worship is quiet, our snacks a delight,

And Friendship manifest fun.



Newton Abbot



CONTACT for Devon Area Meeting

Ken Orchard



Sometimes business at DAM is political and controversial: at a recent meeting we considered whether Friends in Devon should be asked to boycott all goods exported by Israel, rather than (as we had already decided) only those originating from illegal settlements on the West Bank - because settlement goods are often poorly difficult to identify. As in this case, DAM sometimes forwards requests or opinions to the relevant national committee (often ‘Meeting for Sufferings’); or receives requests from the national committees.


 Our core practice: that through a continuing and continual
 process of discernment I/We open ourselves to the Inward Light
 to reveal our darkness, and allow it to transform us, then go out and
 act in the world from that place~. Felicity Kendal.