The ‘Vibrancy in Meetings Pilot Programme’ is a joint initiative of Britain Yearly Meeting and Woodbrooke. The South West is one of four areas chosen for the three year pilot, which started in September 2016. The programme is exploring whether having locally-based staff can help meetings to thrive as communities with a vital Quaker ministry, becoming stronger, more connected, more confident, more engaged, and more sustainable. Background information about the Vibrancy Programme:

It isn’t necessarily about doing more, rather about looking at how a meeting can feel more supported to deepen its worship and witness and feel grounded. A lot of work was carried out before I came into post, to understand the issues facing Quaker Meetings. We know we have challenges, but we also recognise we have tremendous strengths and gifts to offer our communities in these increasingly ‘dark times’.

I can work with individuals, groups and meetings. I come where I’m invited, if you like me to work with you or if you’d simply like to know any more about the programme, please do get in touch.

Update: August & September 2017

I will be at Yearly Meeting Gathering at Warwick until 2nd August.  Friends who are lucky enough to be able to attend are very welcome to come and find me if you have time … I’ll be based in the Woodbrooke tent between sessions.

On my return my focus includes the revival of a regional gathering, anticipating the hold of residential weekend in 2018.  I am keen to involve as many Friends as possible in this planning. Please do get in touch if you would like to input thoughts and ideas.
I am working with Barbara Childs and Alison Meaton in planning for better ways to support and connect families and young people across our meetings.
Outreach is also a focus, for Quaker Week at the start of October.
Longer-term I will be investigating the potential of using performances, visual arts and touring displays/talks (e.g. Modern Day Slavery) as Outreach and identifying the tools needed to support Meetings to do. Helping with the organisation behind “Feeding the Darkness” play has already informed this.  I am particularly keen to understand how smaller Local Meetings can best link together to share resources.
I am due to visit two local meetings to get to know them better and help discern ways forward. I’m working with a Friend and Local Meeting on a concern around greater public awareness of the story of Conscientious Objectors held on Dartmoor during WW1.
Please do pick up the phone or email if you’d like to talk further …

How to contact me:

Pip Harris
Local Development Worker (West Somerset, Devon & Cornwall Area Meetings)
Telephone: 020 7663 1163
Mobile: 07422 973 089
I am based at home and work part-time; I can be flexible, working on any day of the week including evenings. I try to use public transport where possible, but will happily travel anywhere aross the South West, using the car as necessary.

Background information about the Vibrancy project.