Site Maintenance Team

As it says at the bottom of every page, this site is maintained collectively by Quakers in Devon and Cornwall.

General Editor
Bill Waghorn has done a stalwart job as General Editor for four years but laid it down at the end of 2015. The current General Editor position is essentially vacant but Raymond Thompson who is mainly concerned with the site's technical support is temporarily assuming this role pending a permanent replacement.  He will not be able to devote much time to it!  The General Editor has overall responsibility for the structure and content of the site.
Bill was appointed in Jan 2012, replacing the founding General Editor, Alan Ray-Jones, who continues to provide general assistance in all aspects of site maintenance.

Support Group
The General Editor is advised on matters of structure, content and policy by a Support Group whose current (24 Apr 14) members are
    Alan Ray-Jones,Tavistock (Devon AM)
    Raymond Thompson, Exeter (Devon AM)
    John Ward, Bideford (Devon AM)
    Jude Whitby, Wadebridge (Cornwall AM)
    Vernon White, Come-to-Good (Cornwall AM)

Page Editors

Every Local Meeting in Devon and Cornwall has its own webpage editor. Names of editors are given each year in 'List of Members and Attenders of the Religious Societ of Friends in Devon and Cornwall', which is available to members from Local Meetings. In many cases the editor is also named on the page itself.

Many of the pages in the Issues, Concerns, Actions section of the site have specific editors (or "correspondents"). These are all named in that section.

Several other pages have specific editors as follows:

Home section ("ABOUT...")
     Devon AM page - Alan Ray-Jones,Tavistock (Devon AM) alan [at]
     EVENTS - Raymond Thompson raymond [at]
     Quaker Voices - vacant
      Books and Information - Vernon White, Come-to-Good (Cornwall AM) vernonwhi [at]

Members Pages
     Young Quakers - Young Quakers c/o Barbara Childs, Okehampton (Devon AM) barbara.childs [at]
     National Happenings - Alan Ray-Jones,Tavistock (Devon AM) alan [at]

     Glossary - Alan Ray-Jones,Tavistock (Devon AM) alan [at]
     Devon E&O - Terry Faull,Tavistock (Devon AM) terryfaull [at]

If you want to point out an error or a broken link, provide information (e.g. about an event), have a concern or suggestion about the website or its content, please email whoever above seems most relevant. If in doubt, email raymond [at]