Paul Parker, St Austell, 11 Feb 12

On February 11th 2012 in FMH, St Austell, Paul Parker, the Recording Clerk of BYM, led a Devon and Cornwall Quaker Gathering on the subject of Quakers in Britain in the 21st Century.

Paul introduced his work as Recording Clerk, and gave an overview of the work being done on behalf of Quakers in Britain by the paid staff at Friends House. He then moved on to focus on the future of Quakerism in Britain and will exploring his belief that Quakers are about to go ‘Whoosh!’ into the 21st century, telling us why he feels that and what some of the challenges may be along the way. The session finished with some challenging questions which formed the basis of discussions in the afternoon.

In the course of the day many useful points were made about what we do, and what we don't do. We all need to give some thought to possible follow up actions.

A recording of the talk is available on the Web at But beware: it is a 77.4 Mbyte file and takes a while to download.

Attached are

  1. the text of the Minute of the Gathering

  2. a summary of points made in the discussion groups (an Appendix to that Minute)
  3. the advertised programme for the day
  4. the poster used to publicise the event.