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D&C Quaker Gathering 2019

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D&C Quaker Gatherings Arrangements Committee

The Devon and Cornwall Area Meetings each appoint their own representatives to serve on the Devon and Cornwall Arrangements Committee.  In addition to organising Gatherings, the Arrangements Committee also has a responsibility to maintain this web site, and publishes an annual List of Members and Attenders in the two counties.

For several years no names were brought forward to serve on the committee. At the beginning of 2018, several Friends agreed to serve on the committee for one year. The Committee has now been asked to operate for 2019 and to organise and consider the following matters:

  • To arrange Gatherings in 2019, including the organisation of a residential weekend to be held at Carthvean Farm near Helston
  • Identify options concerning the future of the Devon & Cornwall Website to bring to both Area Meetings
  • Discern a way forward regarding the future of the Committee and any alternatives.

Members of the Arrangements Committee for 2019 are:

For Cornwall Area Meeting:

Jackie Carpenter (Bude)
Mike Rockcliffe-King (Liskeard)
Peter Blocksidge (Treasurer, Ex-officio)

For Devon Area Meeting:

Amanda Woolley (Totnes)
John Southern (Torbay)
Mic Morgan (Exeter)
Pip Harris (Ashburton)


Contact for Devon and Cornwall Arrangements Committee

Convenor – Pip Harris, Vibrnacy in Meetings Local Development Worker
email address:; tel: 07422 973 089 (landline 01364 652478)



D&C Book of Members

The List of Members - giving contact details and membersip of committees etc in the Area Meetings and Local Meetings - is compiled and distributed annually in January. It is not distributed outside Friends' circles, and Members and Attenders are only included in the printed booklet with their permission. If you are not included and wish to be added, please download a consent form and give it to an overseer in your local meeting.

In light of changes to Data Protection, trustees are reviewing arrangements for future publication of the list.


Gatherings and Arrangements Archive


Brief descriptions of Devon and Cornwall Quaker Gatherings held from February 2008 onwards can be downloaded below. These are .pdf files, with the most recent at to top, and you will need Adobe Reader to read them (you may already have it).

File: Feb 2013.pdf 'Understanding Friends Worldwide' including the World Conference in Kenya, 2012 (Martin Touwen & Ruth Homer).  A recording of the talks is available [156 Mbyte!].
File: Oct 2012.pdf 'Paths to change: Economic systems, Justice and the Planet' (Stuart Wallis, New Economics Foundation, & Symon Hill)

File: Feb 2012.pdf Paul Parker, Recording Clerk [See also Dossier, including recording of talk (77.4 Mbyte)]
File: Oct 2011.pdf 'Whither Quakers?' (Felicity Kaal)

File: Feb 2011.pdf 'Quakers and political processes' (Michael Bartlett)
File: Oct 2010.pdf 'The Kindlers' (Elizabeth Brown, Alec Davison)
File: Jun 2010.pdf Residential all-age weekend 'Pioneering in the Spirit'
File: Oct 2009.pdf Richard Wilkinson 'The Spirit Level' [Invitation leaflet used] Public Meeting
File: Jun 2009.pdf 'Be the Change'

File: Oct 2008.pdf 'Addiction'
File :Jun 2008.pdf 'Caring for our world'
File: Feb 2008.pdf 'Civil Liberties'

In addition, we have a complete list of gatherings from 1983 onwards, without notes on content.


The end of General Meeting

This page was used until December 2008 to record the work of General Meeting for Devon and Cornwall. The rich history of General Meeting, and before that Quarterly Meeting, is given below.  Now, the organisation has been simplified, and General Meeting (and its committees) no longer exists.

For more about the history of General Meeting and Quarterly Meeting, see ‘A brief chronological history......’ under the History page.


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