Friends Worldwide

Around the world there are a large number of independent Yearly Meetings and other Quaker organisations (at least 100, and possibly 200: Quaker bodies are always difficult to count!) which are affiliated to the Friends World Committee for Consultation (FWCC). These bodies have a diverse range of practices and views, but share a clear commitment to testimonies of peace, equality, simplicity, and truth, and the principle that it is not what you say you believe that is important but what you live.

The FWCC Web site contains a mound of information and links to Quaker groups all over. For an outline of the 4 (or 3¼) different flavours of Quakerism in the world, see a brief summary paper based on material extracted from the FWCC Web site (in 2010). See also some membership statistics for 2012.

On Sat 23 Feb 13 in the Friends Meeting House, St Austell, there was a most interesting gathering on “Understanding Friends Worldwide"The gathering was a follow up to the Friends World Conference held in Kenya in April 2012.  Christopher Holdsworth introduced the session, and there were talks by Ruth Homer (BYM) and Martin Touwen (Netherlands YM).  A recording of the talks is available; but beware: it is a 156 Mbyte file and takes a long time to download. You can also see the text of the Minute of the Gathering,the advertisedprogramme for the day, and the poster used to publicise the event. 
[Might add the Mubarak call and the epistle from the June 2012 FWCC gathering in Kenya.]

Quakers in the World (QITW) is database of Quakers & subjects with a discussion forum, mainly for educators (Jordans)