Economics and Business

This page is intended to cover matters of commercial ethics and economic justice: a very wide range, and as such it may come to be split up. It encompasses all matters of business, finance, and economics, including the anti-capitalism movement, commercial ethics, and banking.Specific topics on which material is likely to be added include

  • taxation (including off-shore havens, Amazon and eBay, and the transfer pricing scandal)
  • pay (What does determine the excessive pay of directors, executives, bankers, senior officials, etc?)
  • ethical procurement (identification of sources which are environmentally harmful, illegal (e.g. West Bank), immoral (e.g. slave labour), or just needlessly misuse resorces)
  • employment (How should staff be treated? How are their interests to be weighed against those of shareholders, customers, supplier, and society at large, not to mention those of senior management?)

To add: 2 papers from Gill, link to Prem Essex, link to Slavery?, link to Equality, link to march in India