The decriminalisation of the possession, for personal use, of all drugs

Decriminalisation of the possession of all drugs in Portugal

Cornwall Area Meeting has adopted as a concern and advocates for the decriminalisation of the personal use of all drugs. On a recent visit to Lisbon Tony and Voirrey Faragher of Cornwall Area Meeting took the opportunity to find out first hand exactly what the Portuguese system is and how it works in practice. They were interested to compare the UK and Portuguese systems and so felt that it was important to understand the administrative and legal processes in Portugal. They met with Nuno Capaz, Vice-President, Lisbon Dissuasion Commission and M.D. Joao Goulao, General-Director of Intervention on Addictive Behaviours and Dependencies, Portugal, who generously made themselves available to answer their questions.

Devon and Cornwall Gathering took place at St. Austell Meeting House this year on March 5th. Thirty Friends came together to learn more about the decriminalisation of drugs - see report below.

Cornwall Area Meeting has produced a briefing paper about the decriminalisation of drugs which is attached below. It is lengthy paper but we hope you will read. The report contains an executive summary.

Cornwall Area Meeting accepts the clear evidence regarding the harms of criminalisation and accepts the clear evidence that decriminalisation does not lead to greater prevalence. We believe that the harms of criminalisation cannot be removed under the current criminal justice approach.

The Quaker Decriminalisation Network has a Facebook  presence which we hope you will visit - documents and articles are posted here and Friends are able to show their support for this concern by joining the network which is working to become a Quaker Recognised Body - see link below:

QAAD is another Quaker organisation which is concerned about drug policy. QAAD published a briefing paper for the QAAD Trustees in 2012 which presented arguments and evidence about decriminalisation. The Trustees concluded that QAAD had not been led to 'take a position' and did not anticipate doing further work on this issue - see link below to briefing paper.





[1]Briefing Paper for QAAD Trustees on the Decriminalisation of Drugs written by Helena Chambers 2012