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Meeting for Worship Time:

Sunday at 10.30 am

There is no Children's Meeting but

Children are welcome. Please contact Clerk

Friends Meeting House
3 Ticklemore Street
Devon TQ9 5EJ

E Mail:
Treasurer: Sally Hartog

Bookings Clerk: Avis
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All Business Meetings follow the Meeting for Worship and are held one week before the Area Meetings.

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Up to date History of Totnes Quaker Meeting

In the early days of Quakers, there was a flourishing Meeting at Totnes, with Friends meeting in their own homes, to the extent that, in the early 18th century, a burial ground was acquired. However, by the middle of the next century, the number of Quakers had dropped so low that the graveyard was no longer used.

About a century later, Donald and Guida Swan started a Meeting in an upstairs room of Birdwood House, initially as an outpost of Newton Abbot Meeting, then becoming a Registered Meeting in 1967 and, the following year, a Preparative Meeting. In addition, there were once monthly Meetings at the home of Jack and Ruth Dobbs on the Dartington Estate.

In 1985, Friends were offered their current Meeting House at 3, Ticklemore Street by Alison Robins, a musician who used the property as a studio, under very generous terms, which they subsequently bought.

Currently, the average number attending Meeting for Worship on a Sunday morning is about thirty. There are regularly new people who are either on a visit to Totnes or, having heard about Quakers, want to learn more about them. There used to be a thriving children’s Meeting but no longer, although any children who come, preferably with prior notice, are welcome. In addition, there is a once monthly mid-week Meeting for Worship for half an hour on a Thursday morning.

The Meeting has become particularly engaged with specific issues. Thus, following an inspiring talk by a Street Pastor, the Meeting provides support for them, the Drop-In centre for the homeless and the local food bank. Another group is involved with issues related to theIsrael=Palestinesituation keeping the Meeting informed and supporting those working for peace in that troubled area.

There are frequent evening discussion groups and the Meeting participates in interdenominational events in Totnes. The Meeting House is well used by the community and, conversely, members of the Meeting are very active within the community. Thus, Totnes Friends initiated the founding of a local group of Amnesty International, two members were involved with setting up the Allotments Association, with which they continue to be very actively involved, and others play important roles in the Transition Town Totnes project.