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St Austell Society of Friends

Meeting for Worship: Sundays,10.30 am

Children’s Meeting First  Sunday of The Month


Friends Meeting House
High Cross Street
St Austell
PL25 4LX

Room Hire: Contact  Dorothy for Enquiries. 01726 70296


 Dates to remember & Notices.

Meeting for worship  Lostwithiel. The platform, Lostwithiel railway station.

Wednesday 24th October at 12:00 Noon 2018

Friday 30th November  at 19:00 2018

Wednesday 19 th December ay 12:00 noon 2018

30th January 2019 12:00 noon

These are public meetings & are open to everyone. quaker presence in Lostwithiel is a worship group under the care of St Austell local meeting and was recognised by A/M in July 2018



Childrens Meetings Notices 


Sunday 1st July.10:30..... Fair Play &Team Work

Sunday 9th September .10:30......Harvest

Sunday 7th October .!0:30......Helping Others.


Notices & reports

Meeting for worship on Platform" Lostwithiel. Sunday 10th June at 10:30 was well attended & had little effect on   

 St Austell Meeting Attendance. We look forward to 2 further meetings for worship to be held mid week evenings. dated TBA.


Garden maintenance & developement.

it is my intention to make Thursday a regular day for garden maintenance starting this Thursday  7th  at 13:00. all welcome to help. unfortunatly i was unable to attend to the garden on the 14th & 21st of June due to ilness however on the 28th i managed to clear a path across the wild area and layed some logs as a boundry it was limited how much i could achieve as no one else turned up .


Work has begun managing the garden, the bay tree has been cut back & ground cleared revealing a larger paved area then previously thought. it is suggested a path mowed diagonally across the wild area creating a path to the seating making the garden more user friendly. with recovered logs marking the boundries. a small area to the left of the seating is to be allocated to HFT. for a bug hotel & small garden, incorporating a small water feature.

Long straight recovered Bay branches to be woven into a fence to be installed behind the seating to afford more privacy. 





Cornwall AM MFL 

Sustainability Day at Trelay (BUDE) 16th June 2018.

The Using Social Media Day hosted by Marazion 29th June 2018

The Boundries & Changes 27th Octobe 2018

Devon &  Cornwall 

Devon & Cormwall Gathering at Sheldon 1st to 3rd June 2018

Devon & Cornwall 'Gifts' Meeting for Learning on 15th September, ( venue to be arranged)



To offer to join the quakers kife facillators network.

to receicve the monthly  OUTREACH  newsletter


link to download the social media guide.  (PDF)

Other tools; www.

Printed QL resources available to download or order


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Area meeting this Sunday 20th May .

Visitors will be hosting.



It has been suggested that the garden should be developed. This Tuesday  29th May work began cutting back the overgrown area & clearing the ground to the right hand side at the rear of the garden.

a small space is to be made available to HFT to develop as a bug hotel with a small water feature to encourage birds & other creatures. they also requested for themselfs to plant a few flowering plants. so far iv'e had a positive response. it is also suggested a small childrens garden area to the right of the new seating. any suggestions would be gratefully received.

The next working party for the garden will be this Sunnday 3rd June  after meeting for worship. all volunteers welcome.

An enquiries concerning the garden  please contact me Tony W-H 'link below'.


A beautiful day at David & Susans  farm on bank holiday Monday. it was well attended & enjoyed by all.

it was greatly enjoyed by the children to see the newly born Kids with the nanny.

We would like to thank Susan & David for allowing us to share their lovely garden.


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Its better to light one candle than curse the dark.










Hooray!!!  TheReplacement Seating is now in situe, thanks to the hard work of Richard, Claire & Barry. 
we all owe them our  thanks & appreciation.


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