November Update

Five quick notes on my work over the next few months:

Supporting Local Meetings in discernments
I have been working across the three Area Meetings to help Local Meetings consider how Friends would like to develop their meetings. Our team is sharing a variety of approaches, often based on existing resources from Britain Yearly Meeting and Woodbrooke, to help Friends look more closely at Meetings for Worship, Quaker Discipline and Inreach-Outreach.

Diversity in Meetings, with a focus on all-age
'Diversity' is a focus for Britain Yearly Meeting and I hope to support Local Meetings looking to respond to the challenge of making Meetings ‘loving, inclusive and all age’. I work alongside colleagues based in Friends House who are focusing on families and young adults; I hope to extend and support their work in the South West in 2018.

Devon & Cornwall Gathering
I sense a great deal of enthusiasm for reviving the Devon & Cornwall Gathering in some form. I am working on plans to host a weekend residential and occasional days in 2018. I’d be grateful if Friends could feed in ideas and comments: a “Survey Monkey” and print questionnaire will be made available to Meeting Clerks.

Meetings for Learning, Understanding and Sharing
This is an important area of my work, and there is some interesting pilot days in Cornwall coming up. I am keen to continue supporting learning, understanding and sharing at individual, local meeting and area meeting level; with links to any ‘Gathering events’ too. I am feeding back to Quaker Life and to Woodbrooke and working with tutors to bring more Woodbrooke on the Road events into the South West.

Focusing on QPSW and witness in the world
Individuals and Meetings already do impressive witness within their local communities. Whether it be Sanctuary, Conscientious Objection & Militarisation of Society concerns or the challenging areas of Sustainability and New Economy, I can support Friends in making our values active in the world.

The Vibrancy Programme is almost half way through a three year pilot. We can work with individuals, groups of Friends and Meetings. If you haven't already been in touch, please do consider talking to me to find out more. I will be away for a lot of November but please do leave a message and I can get in touch with you when I return in December …

Information about the Vibrancy Programme:


How to contact me:

Pip Harris
Local Development Worker (West Somerset, Devon & Cornwall Area Meetings)
Telephone: 020 7663 1163
Mobile: 07422 973 089
I am based at home and work part-time; I can be flexible, working on any day of the week including evenings. I try to use public transport where possible, but will happily travel anywhere aross the South West, using the car as necessary.

Background information about the Vibrancy project.