Economic Justice (WJW)

Economic Justice and Sustainability

It is gratifying that BYM is willing to Minute that we "see the current system as inherently unjust". But just what aspects of human activity BYM intended to be encompassed in its reference to "the current system"?

... many different strands in this potentially enormous area, including

(a) sustainability, with particular reference to

the tenability of the premise that economic growth is essential for economic well-being

the capacity of the Earth to sustain human life

the despoliation of the Earth's resources and the quality of life sustainable [See Environment]

(b) economic inequality within the nation, including

concerns about executive pay

concerns about property ownership

tax avoidance schemes

(c) economic justice between nations, including concerns about

the inequitable despoliation of the Earth's resources [See Environment]

transfer pricing

economic imperialism

(d) economic stability, including concerns about

banking regulation

the management of currencies and interest rates

(e) economic justice and freedom, including concerns


civil liberties

press ownership

(f) business ethics [See xxx]