Boycott letter

From "The Friend", 13 July 2012

Boycott of illegal settlement goods
I could not boycott merely the goods made in the illegal Israeli settlements, since the policy of appropriating Arab lands is the policy of the whole Israeli government. Not content with the land awarded by the 1948 agreements, their policy continues to be to take over, bit by bit, Arab lands.
What we should oppose is the refusal of successive Israeli governments to accept any international criticism, or any decisions of the United Nations, Geneva principles or international law.
Margaret Smith (29 June) writes of ‘Quakers’ unique status as trusted and impartial mediators’, but can one be impartial between a boa constrictor and the small rabbit about to be devoured? And what about the Quaker principle of ‘speaking truth to power’?
As for the ‘fear of a second holocaust and annihilation’, this is the result of the continuing propaganda and indoctrination of successive Israeli governments, that ‘we, a tiny people, are the eternal victims, hated and despised by the whole world’. It is desperately sad that this people, who suffered so horribly at the hands of the Nazis in Germany, should treat the legitimate inhabitants of the lands surrounding the new ‘homeland’ accorded to them, so badly.
And which of their neighbouring states and populations has armed forces that could ever pose a threat to the fifth biggest military force in the world – backed by their nuclear weapons?
Before the creation of the state of Israel, the majority Palestinian population and the small remaining Jewish peoples lived together in peace and harmony!
Joyce Pickard