About Quakers

For comprehensive and authoritative information about Quakers in Britain see the Web site for "Britain Yearly Meeting»".  [Note that this does not cover the whole of the UK: Northern Ireland comes under Ireland Yearly Meeting».]

We present here a few brief summaries, starting with a local version of "Who are the Quakers?"

The core of Quaker life is a weekly Meeting for Worship. See Meetings for details of all such meetings in Devon and Cornwall.  And to learn something of what happens at a Quaker Meeting for Worship see our page on "First Time in Meeting".

What do Quakers believe?  Quakers don't have a creed, but we do subscribe to some general principles, including of peace, equality, simplicity and truth, which we call "Testimonies". There is no definitive written statement of these, because such a statement would limit and ossify them, and Quakers prefer the spirit to the letter of the law, and believe that even basic principles are subject to review and re-interpretation as the world changes. However, there is much documentation of them. See, for example, a summary produced by Colchester Quakers».  And to see some examples of Quakers speaking their outlook in the press and on the radio, look at "Quaker Voices".

And of course Quakers have their own distinct form of organisation and way of doing business: see the page on Quaker Organisation.

These two strands are brought together in Quaker Faith and Practice», which is both a compendium of Quaker writings over the centuries and a statement of how Quakers conduct their worship and business. As well as being on-line, it may be purchased (hardback, paperback or large print) from the Friends' Bookshop». See also some notes on books and other information available.

To find out more about what Quakers are and what Quakers do, consider following these links.

And some links to tell you more about the early days. But please don’t imagine that Quakers are stuck in the past.